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Catena Technologies Launches Financial Technology Educational Services

15th August 2008 - Catena Technologies Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based technology consultancy focused on financial services, has launched a set of financial professional short courses targeted at mid-level and senior banking staff. These advanced courses address a broad range of business- and technology-oriented topics, including business analysis methods, business process management, enterprise service architectures, high performance computing, trading systems technology, and quantitative modeling techniques.

"While there are a lot of vendor-specific training and certification offerings available, there are few courses available that address more advanced topics," said Randall Duran, CEO of Catena Technologies. "At many financial institutions, business analysis, design, and architecture skills are usually obtained slowly, through experience rather than by instruction. Our aim is to provide organizations with a way to help their employees develop these skills more rapidly. The market for recruiting and keeping employees in the financial services market has become very competitive. Skills development is an important way of rewarding top employees."

Tom Hayhurst, CTO of Catena Technologies, went on further to say, "Catena has hands-on experience designing architectures and creating different types of solutions for a wide range of financial service customers. This experience enables us to help industry professionals attain a big picture view of how different techniques and technologies can best be applied."

Catena's short courses are designed to help financial service professionals better understand core principles and recognize the common patterns used by technology providers. Technology concepts are presented in terms of how they support relevant business objectives and are illustrated using practical examples and case studies.

About Catena Technologies

Catena Technologies specializes in technology architecture and design of financial service solutions. With over two decades experience working in the global financial markets, Catena Technologies, combines subject matter expertise with in-depth technology design and delivery capabilities.

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