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Catena CEO Chairs Risk Australia Workshop on OTC Derivatives Clearing, Reporting, and Collateral Management

12th August 2014 - Today, Catena Technologies Pte Ltd CEO, Aaron Hallmark, will serve as chairman for the Risk Australia two-day workshop, "OTC Derivatives Clearing, Reporting, and Collateral Management." The workshop will immediately precede the Risk Australia conference on 14 August.

At the workshop, Mr. Hallmark will provide details about the upcoming release of a Catena Technologies exclusive report on OTC derivatives trade reporting entitled, "Trade Reporting: Fifty Shades of Grey." The report will relate closely to the content of the training session that Mr. Hallmark will also present during the workshop, "Managing reportable transaction requirements."

"I am honored to be chairing the Risk Australia workshop, and I am pleased to have the opportunity to engage with the distinguished group of financial markets practitioners who will be participating," said Mr. Hallmark. "The upcoming release of Catena's trade reporting study will be the culmination of nine months of research. This research not only enables Catena to help educate the attendees of this year's workshop, but also is our way of contributing thought leadership to the broader financial services industry."

Since the 2008 global financial crisis, many countries have enacted new laws and regulations governing the trading of OTC derivatives, including the reporting of OTC swap transactions to public trade repositories. Several jurisdictions in the Asia Pacific market, including Singapore, Australia, and Hong Kong, are currently enacting new trade reporting rules that are being implemented in phases over the coming months.

Full details of the Risk Australia workshop are available here. Further information about how the research report, "Trade Reporting: Fifty Shades of Grey," can be obtained will be available on August 20.

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