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Windy Road partners with Catena Technologies to improve delivery efficiency of enterprise applications

18th September 2014 - Catena Technologies and Windy Road Technology announced a partnership agreement today to help organizations in Asia deliver better quality enterprise applications in shorter timeframes. Windy Road's BWUnit and TIBant products are used to design continuous delivery pipelines for building software using TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks. Catena Technologies will distribute software licenses and provide design, integration, and support services helping customers to make the most effective use of the Windy Road suite.

In order to be more profitable, organizations are always looking for innovative ways to reduce the cost and increase the efficiency of their software development and delivery processes. Continuous delivery helps shorten delivery cycles and provide more functionality in each release cycle through automation of processes. It also enforces stricter quality control on software delivery. By ensuring more and better quality code gets to production faster, continuous delivery helps organizations reduce costs and increase efficiency of development and delivery processes. Windy Road's TIBant and BWUnit products bring the benefits of continuous delivery to software built using TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks.

"Windy Road's product suite helps our clients to resolve inefficiencies and bring down the costs of delivering enterprise projects", said Tom Hayhurst, CTO of Catena Technologies. "We have seen, first hand, how quickly our customers have automated testing and deployment using Windy Road's products. We look forward to helping more organizations move away from error-prone and expensive manual processes to automated solutions."

The Windy Road product suite automates the build, validation, and deployment processes for TIBCO BusinessWorks projects, thus reducing the overhead for technology operations and support teams. It makes the development process more efficient by providing teams quick feedback through automated testing and code coverage statistics. The tools help development and support teams easily get visibility and control over the code that gets deployed in production environments.

"We are excited that our customers in Asia can now have on the ground support and expertise when they need," said Tom Howard, CEO and founder of Windy Road. "Catena's extensive experience implementing enterprise integration platforms using TIBCO ActiveMatrix Business Works puts them in the right place to help organizations automate their software development and delivery using our products."

About Windy Road Technology

Windy Road Technology specializes in test driven development, build automation and continuous delivery for TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™. Established in 2008, Windy Road Technology is a TIBCO Partner and provides a number of value-add solutions for BusinessWorks, such as BWUnit™ and TIBant™.

About Catena Technologies Pte Ltd

Catena Technologies Pte Ltd specializes in architecture, design, and delivery of advanced technology solutions for the financial services industry. Based in Singapore, the company has helped customers around the world, including the U.S., U.K., Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, and China. Catena Technologies combines in-depth knowledge of the financial markets with expertise implementing cutting-edge solutions.

For more information, contact:

Catena Technologies Pte Ltd
3 Phillip Street
#10-01 Royal Group Building
Singapore 048693
Republic of Singapore
Phone: +65 6100 0881
Fax: +65 6399 0881
Web: www.catena-technologies.com


Windy Road Technology
20 Dorset Close
Wamberal NSW 2260
Phone: +61 2 8520 3165
Web: www.windyroad.com.au