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Catena Technologies Launches its Business Process Management Consulting Practice

16th January 2006 - Catena Technologies, a leading business process improvement and automation consultancy and solution provider, today announced that the company has launched its Business Process Management (BPM) consulting practice. The areas covered will include enterprise BPM architecture design, business process analysis and rationalization, strategic process metrics analysis, and BPM-Six Sigma synthesis.

"Over the past year we have been working with a number of clients to design and deliver BPM-based business solutions. We are seeing a lot of demand in this area and are well positioned to provide both thought leadership on the overall program design as well as project-oriented delivery capabilities," said Randall Duran, CEO of Catena Technologies. "BPM needs to be viewed in context of the technology architecture of the organization. Process improvement with BPM is often dependent on enterprise application integration (EAI); integration is a critical consideration when determining the scope and scale of process improvement that can be achieved with BPM."

The BPM Practice will combine business process architects and technologists with consultants experienced the use of BPM and process orchestration tools, such as the TIBCO® Staffware Process Suite and TIBCO® BusinessWorks. With this combination of skills the BPM Practice addresses both strategic, enterprise-wide concerns as well as tactical, operational issues. The BPM Practice will also make use of Catena Technologies' process modeling methodology, which makes use of industry-standard tools such as use cases, IDS Scheer's ARIS platform, and iGrafx.

"While technology is a core consideration, organizational structure and change management are also critical to the overall BPM delivery framework. For some institutions imaging solutions and enterprise content management (ECM) are vital to the overall mplementation roadmap. For organizations that have addressed the basics BPM and ECM challenges, there are significant opportunities for capturing process execution information that can be used for both operational and strategic MIS quantitative analysis. Catena's experience with these areas and its knowledge of the financial markets make it an idea partner for banks who want to make BPM part of their business strategy.

About Catena Technologies

Catena Technologies specializes in technology architecture and design for business process management (BPM), enterprise integration, and enterprise content management. With over two decades experience working in the global financial markets, Catena Technologies, combines subject matter expertise with in-depth technology design and delivery capabilities.

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