Careers at Catena

We create innovative, "outside the box" solutions that require cross disciplinary skills and adaptability. We take pride in solving difficult problems and working with our customers to achieve their goals.

We are looking for great developers, a talented technical support lead, and talented interns.

You’ll work with a variety of financial markets participants, including investment banks, corporate and retail banks, private banks, exchanges, and various buy-side firms, such as asset managers, brokers, and fund managers.

Software Engineer - Fresh Grad, Singapore

Project Manager and Business Analyst - Early Career, Singapore

Software Engineer - Early Career, Singapore

Technical Support and Operations Lead, Singapore

Senior Business Analyst, Singapore 

Send your resume or CV and a covering letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Working at Catena means you’ll start your FinTech career in an entrepreneurial atmosphere, but with the solid foundation of a successful and well-established company. Successful candidates will be offered the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of financial markets structure and the tools and technology to help financial institutions succeed within that structure.

We offer continual education and training to help grow your career, with a particular emphasis on early mastery of technology delivery concepts, and the continual improvement of your understanding and anticipation of the business drivers behind technology requirements.

If you’re interested in joining us, send your resume or CV and a covering letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Who we’re looking for

There are certain key characteristics that we look for in our employees. If you join us at Catena, we’ll work with you throughout your career to continually develop and expand these qualities.


There are many different ways to define it, but for us, intelligence is about combining knowledge and capability to produce effective solutions. Training and education are fundamental. That’s why Catena will always work to expand the knowledge and capabilities of both our clients and our employees, to address the most challenging technology problems in financial services.


Academic knowledge will only take you so far in your career; theory’s not enough without the practical real-world experience that helps you create a public identity of trust and value. We emphasise assigning our employees to practical, challenging projects that allow them to prove their value.

We prefer to act, not talk.


In the fast-paced and charged environment of financial services, companies can be tempted to cut corners or relax standards. Doing this just once can lead to a pattern of behaviour under pressure.

At Catena, we understand that long-term success means doing the right thing, continually and repeatedly. We hire only those candidates who demonstrate the highest levels of ethical behaviour and commitment. Once you’re on board with us, we’ll help you cultivate your ability to manage the pressures of a developing career in financial services technology. We help you do the right thing.


Without clarity of purpose, and the space for reflection required to orient your efforts towards achieving that purpose, it’s easy to “wander” in your career.

At Catena, our leaders have a clear mission, which gives us all focus. We provide our employees with the space to ensure they’re achieving both the corporate mission and their own career objectives. Periodic reviews and one-on-one sessions with senior management help keep you on track.

Measure, adjust, act, and repeat.