About Us

About Catena Technologies

Founded in 2002, Catena Technologies specializes in financial services technology (FinTech) architecture and the design of business process management (BPM), enterprise integration, and enterprise content management. We provide services to customers throughout Asia Pacific and the United States.

Our smart, experienced people use disciplined and focused methodologies to achieve early successes that can be built upon and expanded. Our proprietary methodology applies best practice, avoids known problems, and extracts lessons learned. We use proven project management methodologies (PMI) and Six Sigma process improvement techniques where appropriate, scaling them to each project.

Our Approach

Operating as a boutique architecture and design firm, we usually work with you directly to achieve the early and most critical successes. We aim to deliver a model proof-of-concept, or pilot system within two to three months of project inception. During this initial phase, we often use agile development techniques, combined with rapid prototyping, to interactively uncover your business requirements.

We then generally work in three month phases to deliver additional functionality and make the overall solution more robust. We may work with you to build up your internal teams or help find a third-party system integrator or offshore service provider to scale up the solution, according to your priorities.

Software products

We also design and develop innovative products to address problems that are common to the industry. We analyse market trends, develop product roadmaps, prioritize product features, and ultimately architect, design, deliver, and support standard products to a broad spectrum of clients.

Consulting services

Many projects are "greenfield" engagements where we create a highly tailored solution for your specific business issue; here we work within a consultative framework to interview users and analyse their problems. We will ultimately architect and design a new solution from the ground up.

What can we do for you?

If you’re interested in finding out more about what we do and what we’ve done, including case studies of past projects, please get in touch.