Architecture Consultancy

Robust enterprise architecture can make the difference between a functional, flexible organisation and one that is mired in day-to-day operational mayhem. We can help you create a new business integration platform, build web and mobile channels, or enhance your existing systems to take advantage of microservices and the emerging API economy.

We have extensive experience of designing distributed systems, as well as analysing business requirements and undertaking feasibility studies.

Our comprehensive knowledge of middleware, service-oriented architecture, and open web technologies allows us to easily distinguish between technology-specific factors and underlying system.

Addressing specialist requirements

Developing integration architectures for banks and stock exchanges has meant working in some of the sector’s most demanding technology environments, addressing considerations such as:

  • System resilience and disaster recovery

  • High throughput, low latency real-time processing

  • Intelligent wide-area network distribution strategies

  • Authentication, encryption, and single sign-on

Trading systems and risk management expertise

Our knowledge of systems from Calypso, SunGard, Reuters, and Murex, along with our work using a wide range of financial instruments, means we can work closely with business users to meet their specific requirements.

Our understanding of middleware and network infrastructure ensures that solutions are technically viable and compatible with your system environment.

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