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TRACE™ Reporting

OTC derivatives reform is a relatively new phenomenon, with constantly changing requirements. Financial institutions are faced with urgent compliance deadlines; these require technology solutions that address urgent tactical requirements but that can also scale up as new requirements emerge and stakeholders demand more return on investment. TRACE is a strategic platform that helps you meet tactical reporting obligations now, while preparing for future OTC reforms and offering scope to add continued value to the business. It can help you:  

  • Slash operational cost

  • Reduce compliance risk

  • Shorten time to market

  • Increase capacity for business growth

  • Build your competitive advantage

TRACE™ Analytics

TRACE can also help support the front, middle, and back offices with consolidated derivatives data from your trades, valuation and collateral. TRACE's data analytics rise above the bare mechanics of trade reporting, helping to tackle other business challenges, such as enterprise risk, liquidity management, margin calculation, and collateral optimisation.

Catena's experience with cutting-edge statistical analysis technologies and skills in deploying big data technologies let us provide tailored solutions to consolidate TRACE’s structured data with unstructured data from across your enterprise.

  • Predict where your operations are at risk and take proactive action

  • Reduce operational costs by determining inefficiency

  • Get products to new markets faster

  • Scale your business better by analysing return on investment per product

  • Provide better analytical reporting to your customers