Financial Services Prototyping Paper by Catena Technologies CEO is Featured in The Journal of Financial Transformation

21st November 2006 - The paper "Prototyping as Standard Practice in Financial Services", by Catena Technologies CEO, Randall Duran, is featured in the The Journal of Financial Transformation, Vol. 18 - the Finance Factory. This article discusses how integral prototyping can be combined with agile development to improve financial services operations.

The Journal of Financial Transformation can be found at - access is free, but registration is required.

The paper can also be downloaded here: Prototyping as Standard Practice in Financial Services

For more information about integral prototyping and its application in financial services, contact us.

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Catena Technologies specializes in technology architecture and design for business process management (BPM), enterprise integration, and enterprise content management. With over two decades experience working in the global financial markets, Catena Technologies, combines subject matter expertise with in-depth technology design and delivery capabilities.

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