Catena Technologies Benchmarks Nanosecond Trading System Performance on a 32-core Server

29th Sep 2010 - Catena Technologies, a consulting firm that implements high-performance solutions for financial institutions, announced the release of a report that benchmarks the performance of a leading trading platform on 32-core server technology. The report measured the average latency between components at under one microsecond and went on further to demonstrate the scalability of the platform for rates of up to one million market data messages per second, and with ten processes consuming data hosted on the same server.

"The results were really impressive," said Randall Duran, the C.E.O. of Catena Technologies. "The platform demonstrated ultra-low latency, and the latency variability - also referred to as jitter - was very predictable when we tested the platform's scalability. It makes all-in-one-box trading solutions look very attractive, especially for co-location environments."

High frequency trading (HFT) is increasingly becoming more prevalent in Asian markets, but has been hampered by the speed at which Asian exchanges are able to process trades. The lack of high-performance order management services has also been a limiting factor. More recently, though, this picture has changed. Several major Asian exchanges have upgraded or are in the process of upgrading their trading platforms to support faster order execution and higher volumes. Furthermore, Asian exchanges have also begun offering performance-focused co-location facilities, which enable HFT firms to deploy their systems directly in the exchanges' data centers.

In light of these trends, the report, Multi-core Performance Unleashed, examines how the latest hardware and software platforms can benefit HFT. In this report Catena Technologies measures the performance of NYSE Technologies' high-performance arrowhead Feed Handler and its ultra low-latency Data Fabricâ„¢ communication layer using market data from the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The tests were performed on a single 32-core IBM 3850 server using Intel Xeon 7560 microprocessors.

The full report is available for download from Catena Technologies' web site:

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