TRACE G20 Reporting

Trade reporting raises significant challenges. Manual submission consumes time, resources and effort, with high operational risk, which could result in significant regulatory penalties. And it’s hard to add new asset classes or scale up, either for increased volume or multiple jurisdiction requirements.

How can TRACE Reporting help?

TRACE Reporting automates transaction and transparency reporting to regulators via trade repositories, ARMs, and APAs. TRACE captures, consolidates, enriches and transforms trade, valuation and collateral information. It automatically determines which regulatory regimes to submit to, then submits the required reports to the appropriate downstream systems, managing end-to-end workflow and reconciliation with your trading systems.

This has a number of key benefits for your business:

Lower operational costs

  • Extensive pre-submission data validations and up-front error reporting minimise costly re-submissions
  • Centralised reporting mechanics mean operational economies of scale
  • Users can query consolidated data on demand, from Excel or from online and mobile devices
  • TRACE only reports the trades required for delta submissions, reducing cost and complexity

Reduced compliance risk

  • Automated reconciliation reduces the risk of misreporting and fines
  • Comprehensive post-submission failure handling enables quick recovery to meet reporting deadlines
  • Centralised error reporting reduces the time spent on investigation and resolution
  • An interactive dashboard and real-time alerts put critical time-sensitive information at your fingertips
  • Remote dashboard monitoring and drill-down let you track submission status effortlessly, and investigate alerts before they become compliance issues

Shorter time to market

  • Highly configurable data mappings and transformation rules enable quick implementation of new product types
  • Compliance implementation time can be reduced from weeks or months to just days

Increased capacity for business growth

  • Choose modules and adapters that fit your reporting requirements
  • Full asset class coverage
  • Select support for multiple jurisdictions
  • Trading system changes and new regulatory requirements can be supported in hours
  • Easy to scale up and add support for additional requirements, such as valuation or collateral reporting

Options to help build your competitive advantage

  • Support for delegated reporting enables you to provide additional value-added services to your trade counterparties and clients
  • Additional functionality, such as UTI pair and share, lets your business trade without compliance concerns

How does TRACE Reporting work?

TRACE automates your workflow

TRACE Reporting manages the end-to-end flow of information between trading systems and downstream reporting venues (including trade repositories, ARMs, and APAs), across multiple reporting regimes. It features:
  • Configurable business rules: new asset classes and product types can be implemented quickly and easily

  • Delta submission: automatically calculates changed trades each day, reporting only required changes to the trade repository

  • Automated reconciliation and synchronisation: reconciles submitted trade reports with reports returned from the repository, analyses and suggests way to fix discrepancies, and reports submission status back to your systems for synchronisation

  • Full asset class coverage: supports interest rate, FX, commodity, equity and credit derivatives

  • Support for multiple regulators: TRACE can offer reporting for MiFIR, MAS, ASIC, HKMA, EMIR, CFTC, and Korea

  • Static data maintenance: user friendly interfaces to facilitate static data maintenance such as LEIs and UTIs

  • UTI pair and share: automatically generates UTIs following industry best practice and distributes to counterparties, and enriches submissions with UTIs provided by counterparties

Simple, clear controls and real-time status updates

TRACE provides a web-based dashboard that tracks submission status across the organisation effortlessly and alerts to you via an online interface, providing detail at the individual trade level.

Delivery options

We offer two ways to use TRACE reporting, depending on your in-house set up and cost preferences.

Software installed on site

We provide the software, along with ongoing support to ensure you can successfully install and maintain TRACE in your own environment. This option is useful if you have suitable IT capabilities and prefer the software installed in-house to comply with corporate policies or regulatory requirements.

Hosted in our secure data centre

We provide the infrastructure, software, and ongoing support to ensure that TRACE is available at all times. This option is particularly useful for clients with limited infrastructure or IT support in-house, eliminating the cost and effort of installing and maintaining new software. You still have access to automated reporting with a very short production lead time and turnaround time for issue resolution.