Maximizing the value of your trade reporting through data quality and analytics

As firms continue to implement reporting requirements across multiple jurisdictions, they are becoming increasingly focused on data quality and analytics. Recent enforcement actions by the CFTC prove that it is vital for firms to report high quality data to avoid regulatory scrutiny. Trade repositories are already in the forefront to implement data quality business process changes, and many firms are now prioritizing data quality features as a key determinant when designing strategic reporting solutions. In addition, firms’ operations and compliance teams are now beginning to consider ways to utilize the aggregated data from trade reporting initiatives to provide useful analytics to other areas of the business. The consolidation of data across trading, valuation, and collateral management offers a rich source of information to provide such analytics. Are you on top of the best practices for ensuring high quality of your trade reporting data? Moreover, how would analytics on high quality data be valuable to your business?

You are invited to join a webinar for Trade reporting – data quality and analytics, presented by Catena Technologies.

Catena Technologies offers the TRACE Reporting solution, which is a cross-asset, cross-jurisdiction trade reporting system being used by a variety of firms in order to meet urgent tactical reporting obligations while providing a strategic platform for adapting to future regulatory requirements. Catena also offers TRACE Reconciliation to automatically reconcile positions across multiple sources for added data quality. In addition, Catena offers TRACE Analytics to provide MIS reports, counterparty position reports and customized risk analytics for front, middle, and back-office operations.

Trade Reporting Webinar

Friday, Oct 7th 2016, 2:00pm Sydney (11:00am Singapore/Hong Kong)


• Introduction to Catena

• Data quality drivers, challenges, and best practices

• DTCC data quality business process changes

• The value of high quality reporting data

• TRACE solution overview

• Q&A

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